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Whether you are a carpenter or an electrician, a plumber or a bricklayer, or any other tradesman; you need something extra, apart from the necessary skill set your trade requires, to stand out from the crowd and succeed like no other. That extra is your soft skills.
Here are the few tips to succeed in the construction industry and be flooded with offers of attractive construction jobs.

Construction is a team job and the team is often quite large in size and varied in job profile and education. And the team working on the project, like different wheels of a vehicle, has to move in sync to get the desired output. For all your technical skills, it’s your ability to work with the team, rather than just yourself, that will be the difference between projects well executed or one delayed or shelved.

There are instructions to take and orders to give to work your way through complex communication hierarchy on a daily basis in order to achieve your objectives. Any communication deficit can cause misunderstanding, delay and cost overruns. Moreover, your ability to motivate sub-ordinate or colleagues can come handy in meeting stringent deadlines. Even if you are working independently, the trick to become a highly-rated and recommended tradesman in the UK is good communication skill.

Business savvy:
This is especially a desired quality in supervisor or manager level employees. Knowledge of latest trends and technologies used, awareness of governmental policies and how to exploit them, and perception of novel ways to make process more efficient and cost effective can turn a project on its head.
Make it a point to follow construction industry news and blogs. Go through press releases of major construction companies whenever you can. This will prepare you to take the best decision at the right time, any time.

How often have you realized that the equipment you require breaks down at the last minute OR the water pipe you fitted last evening has developed a leakage? Frustrating as it is, you need to find immediate solutions to lessen delay and avoid over budgeting. Employers are always looking for these attributes in the candidates while hiring and giving promotion.

Time management:
Being punctual and sticking to deadlines is the key to effective and time-bound execution of every construction project. Given that construction is a team job with a lot of dependencies on other members, any delay on your part will have a ripple effect pushing both the deadline and the cost of the project. Needless to say, this might reflect badly on your career and professionalism.

Every tradesman dream of a prolific career in construction but only a few manage that. Provided that you are willing to put in the hard yards, and follow these tips in letter and spirit – the sky is the limit.

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