Taking a First Aid Course – What you Need to Know

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=>Why first aid is important in construction, or anywhere else?

Injury and sickness in workplace are real and fatal. They result into huge economic, social and moral loss for both companies and its workforce. Providing first aid at work is an effort to minimize such losses.

Working in construction is 3.5 times more dangerous than working in an average profession and this is why providing first aid becomes all the more vital. It’s not a luxury few can afford; it’s rather a necessity – legal and moral – no one can ignore.

=> Who provides the first aid on construction sites?

A qualified first-aider is responsible for providing first aid on construction sites. To make it binding on companies to have a qualified first-aider, all construction sites in the UK must have one qualified first-aider per 50 workers.

=> Why it is essential that you have done a first aid course

Doing the first aid at work course is a must for being a qualified first-aider. Tradesmen who can double up as a first-aider are more desirable to companies. They are also more likely to get more job opportunities, higher salary, better rank and peer’s respect.

=> So, what I need to know before taking a first aid course

Make sure the first aid course you take is approved from HSE or an equivalent body. HSE 3 Day First Aid at Work is the most popular course and you’d do good to opt for it. Recommended by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), First Aid at Work course gives you both practical and theoretical knowledge required to become a qualified first aider on workplace.

What do you learn in the course: You learn about your roles and Responsibilities; how to prevent things like – cross-infection, conscious and unconscious casualties, bleeding & wounds, Anaphylaxis, poisoning, burns, eye injuries, and major and minor illnesses. You are also trained to manage asthma attacks and choking, fractures and dislocations, head injuries, epilepsy and diabetes.

It’s a 3-day course and you’ll be assessed at the end. Should you pass, you will receive your First Aid at Work Certificate which normally takes 2-4 weeks to be issued. The certificate is valid for 3 years. Make sure you complete a 2-day First Aid at Work Refresher course before the certificate expires.

Adding the First Aid Certificate to your CV hikes your desirability in the employment market. Many construction firms come to us looking for someone like you and that’s where you have a chance to earn what you deserve. All you have to do is to make an account on Bag a Builder – a quick and easy way to get better jobs.

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