What Safety Precautions You must Take on Construction Sites?

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Safety Precautions
Health & Safety Tips

Construction is not the safest of industry around. Over 3% construction workers sustain work-related injury every year in the UK and that’s a lot. And this is why health and safety in construction, assume such an importance in the life of a tradesman.

Though the government and industry is doing their bit, workers also need to be responsible for their own safety to make the sites safer place to work at. Falls, electrocutions, and being struck by objects are the 3 leading safety hazards at sites. Sounds scary? Follow these safety precautions during construction work and you’d be alright.

Safety precautions in construction sites to avoid electrocution

  • In case of accident, or while the equipment is not in use/being repaired, always disconnect the power.
  • Never touch electric equipment if your body, hands and feet are wet or sweating. Wear protective clothes, non conductive gloves, and shoes with insulated soles while handling electric equipment at sites.
  • Can’t avoid touching the equipment with bare hand? Do it with the back of your hand: shock you’ll get, but you would escape the life-threatening freeze (muscular contraction).
  • Should some liquid (water or chemical) get spilled onto equipment, turn off the power. Never try to clean it up while the equipment is still on.
  • Make sure to use tools and equipment with non-conducting handles.
  • Never try to operate (or touch) an equipment you don’t know how to. It’s a specialist job and you should let them do it. Beware, unauthorized access to equipment may lead to fatalities and you’d certainly want to avoid that. 

Safety precautions in construction sites to avoid being struck by objects

  • Watch out for low clearances and other obstructions. Keep your eyes and ears open to movements – of yours and others.
  • Don’t be under scaffolding, suspended load, or areas where work is in process; unless you really need to Steer clear of the swing radius of vehicles and mobile equipment like cranes and hoist. Make sure equipment operators see you.
  • As an operator, it’s your responsibility to clear the area of people before you start working
  • Come what may! Never exceed lifting capacity of cranes and hoists. 

Safety precautions in construction sites to avoid falls

Most of the falls are related to scaffolding and tradesmen must be extra careful while being on and under it.

  • Use safety net systems and body harness while working on scaffolding. Keep yourself and others safe.
  • Wear proper hat, shoes, gloves and other protective gears. Hats protects you from head injury while Shoes, Gloves and other gears minimize the impact should you fall on something or something falls on you.

Following these safety tips can be the difference between a long and productive career OR a promising career cut short. In fact the health and safety training you receive through various CSCS or related Courses teach you the same stuff.

Wish you a safer, healthier and happier workplace!

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