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Electrician in london

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Since you live in London and you are a proud home owner, you may look for an electrician in London to get the electrical work to be done. You need to be very careful before choosing an electrician nearby you. First, let’s have a look about the Local Electrician like, who they electrician? What does an electrician do? What the problems while performing the electrical task? How does Bag a Builder help you? How much do you need to spend on an electrician?

Types of Electricians

When you think of an electrician, the first image comes in your mind that an electrician is a person who deals with wire, switches, bulbs etc. Do you know how many types of electrician are there? Have you ever think of about the level of electrician? If we talk more about an electrician, there are majorly four types of electrician Residential electricians, Commercial electricians, Journeymen electricians and Master electricians

Responsibility of an Electrician

As you have a brief idea about the types of electrician, let’s discuss the role of an electrician. An electrician’s basic responsibilities are maintaining, Installing, lighting systems, wiring, Troubleshooting electrical issues and many more. Electricians, registered at Bag a Builder online platform understand the technicalities and the risk as they are a certified from CSCS.

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Risk Factor

There are so much risk involve while performing on electrical task which includes Electric shock and burns, fire, explosive atmosphere, life danger etc. A life is very valuable hence you should take care of these areas of risk while dealing with electrical equipments or parts. You might be thinking that why Bag a Builder is discussing about the Local Electrician in London. Here is the reason:-

Since you are an owner of a beautiful home and you might need a local electrician to get electrical work to be done, hence you more concern about the safety of your family members. Also it’s your hard earned money so; you need to think about your budget and costing. Bag a Builder can help you with your expectations. Do you know how? See below

What Bag a Builder Does?

Bag a Builder is an online platform who has a wide range of certified and professional electrician registered. Home owners like you, can sign up to Bag a Builder. Once home owner creates a profile on Bag a Builder’s online platform, can view the profile of registered electricians. Home owner can directly chat or can send email to the tradesmen to discuss the type of work, costing, suitable timings etc.

Bag a Builder only let the well qualified and professional tradesmen register. The tradesmen who are registered to Bag a Builder, they have gone through the certain requirements. Before creating an account with Bag a Builder, an electrician fills the details such as:-

ECS Card Details: – ECS stands for Electro technical Certification Scheme who issues the card to electrician.

CSCS Registration Number: – Since the entire constriction card being issued by CSCS who keeps the record of every card being issued under a unique registration number.

Qualification/Certificate Number: – Every tradesman registered to Bag a Builder online needs to mention his/her qualification certificate number to validate the same.

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