Gutter Installation and Repair

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Gutter installation and repair

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How to properly install gutters:

To correctly install roof gutters and rainwater pipes, you need to take into account every guttering step during the building design. By doing this you will be able to choose the most optimal version of the system and not only consider its cost, but also the engineering features of individual structures.

When guttering and making changes to your rainwater pipes, there are many options for fixing these gutter elements. The production of work consists of several stages, each of which has a significant impact on the final quality of the gutter fastening and its functionality. Our team at Bag a Builder have compiled 3 steps for properly installing gutters.

Step 1:

Calculate the total roof area in the section of each slope. Draw up a sketch of the installation indicating the installation locations of the funnels. In this case, it is necessary to keep in mind the throughput of the system and coordinate the diameter of the gutter, vertical drainpipes, and the number of funnels with the dimensions of the slopes.

Step 2:

Calculate the range and number of various elements of the drainage system, considering the technical installation schemes made. It is highly recommended that you purchase all items from the same manufacturer and that you hire a professional that has a lot of experience.

Step 3:

Select the material for the manufacture of the drainage system. All modern equipment copes well with purely technical tasks. If the diameter of the gutters is selected correctly, and the system itself is installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, then the drainage system can fully cope with peak loads. The type of material has an impact on system life, not performance. Plastic products have the least warranty period, copper and aluminium products serve the most. The cost of the system depends on the material of manufacture, 80% depends on the popularity of the manufacturer’s brand.

Biggest mistakes that people make when installing gutters and rainwater pipes:

The correct installation of gutters and rainwater pipes guarantees not only high efficiency, but also the successful functionality of drainage systems. Metal products can deform from excessive loads caused by gross violations of installation technology, and plastic one’s crack and require a complete replacement.

So, how can we avoid this? And what mistakes do inexperienced roofers often make?

Incorrect slope of the gutters. To ensure normal water drainage, it is recommended to make a slope within 3-5 mm per one running meter. If the slope is greater, then at the end of the slope the gutter is too far away from the edge of the roofing and water does not enter it. If the slope is insufficient or the mounting line of the brackets is not straight, then stagnant areas will form. Dust and dirt quickly accumulate in them, then mosses grow, completely blocking the lumen of the gutter. As a result, the drainage system stops working, the gutter needs to be cleaned. It is difficult and time-consuming to do this, and it is not always possible to correct the mistake. Sometimes it is necessary to undermine the installed roof, which always has negative consequences in the future. For all your comprehensive information about plumbers and other qualified tradesmen, please visit the Bag a Builder website here.

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