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A plasterer is a tradesman who works to level your walls by giving it a smooth finish; whether covering up the brickwork of the load-bearing wall or completing the plasterboard of an interior wall. After completing the plasterer, it is then ready for the decoration. To find a plasterer in Nottingham is not as easy as you are thinking. There are various things that need to be checked before hiring him; such as his qualification, certification, experience and various others.

Types of plasters:

Before finding a plasterer in Nottingham, we all think that which type of plaster is best for our home, offices, and others. So we all must have the knowledge of various types of plasters so that while having plasterer at our workplace, we all can ask any type of question from the tradesman. There are various types of plasters that are given below:

  • Stucco plaster: Stucco plaster has three coats in which the first coat has a thickness of 10mm, the second has 10mm and the third has 5mm. Firstly, the first coat is applied to the whole wall, then the second is applied and then the third is applied to make the wall smooth.
  • Waterproof plasters: This type of plaster is used to reduce the dampness of the wall. If a wall is masonry, then this type of plaster is best to protect the wall.
  • Lime plaster: As the name suggests, the lime plaster is prepared by the mixture of lime and sand.
  • Special plaster: According to its name, it is used for special purposes including waterproofing, restricting shrinkage and many more.
  • Composite plaster: This plaster is applied in 2 coats which are prepared by sand, lime cement, and various others.

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Responsibilities of a plasterer:

Giving a smooth finish is the major responsibility of a plasterer. Along with this, there are various other responsibilities that a plasterer needs to fulfil. Some of them are given below:

  • For the particular application, create a perfect mortar mix.
  • Making sure the new plaster must be matched with the texture and consistency of the old plaster.
  • Considering the best material for the application on which plaster requires.
  • Removing the cover of the light switches.
  • Make sure the cleanliness as the day ends.

Risk factors:

While performing the job by a plasterer, there are various risks that can occur. Some of these are given below:

  • A constant water drip can damage the wall that results in major risk while plastering the wall. So a professional must take care of this.
  • The back wall of the door can be damaged due to the handle of the door which creates a problem during plastering. Therefore, the wall must be grouted first, then plastered further.
  • Holes or any crack due to ball, falling objects can create a problem while plastering. Therefore, the wall must be grouted first, then plastered further.
  • Removing of heater sometimes damages the back wall, which can get a big hole creating a big problem while plastering. Therefore, the wall must be grouted first, then plastered further.

What does Bag a Builder do?

As soon as you post job on our website and all the local plasterers will be notified and they can apply for the job post. You can look at their reviews, profile, and previous work and hire them according to their quotes and your budget. We at Bag a Builder help you in finding a local plasterer in Nottingham who is well certified and experienced containing CSCS card.

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