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Roofers are the tradesmen that are required for the construction of the roof. Roofing is a complex system containing a variety of elements. It is a very quirky task to find a shed roof repair in London. But we are here with Bag a Builder to simplify your workloads. On behalf of you, we will find roofers for felt roof repair in London but the final selection will be yours. You can choose from the given list according to their certification and experience.

About Roofers in London

Roofer is a professional who resolved issues related to the roof. As the name suggests, roofers are those mechanics who are specialized in roof construction works such as repair, replace and installation of the roofs of the building. They do so with the help of various materials such as bitumen, metal, and shingles. The process involves climbing, bending, heavy lifting, kneeling, etc.

To satisfy your roofing needs, many types of roofers can be hired. So, it becomes very confusing to find one among them. To get rid of this confusion, you have an option by which you can find a roofer for felt roof repair suitable for you; by checking the materials used by him. Some various types of roofers are given below:

  • Shingle roofers: Shingle roofers are those roofers who primarily install shakes, tiles, shingles and other nail-on products.
  • Metal roofers: Metal roofers are those roofers who focus on the panel of metal.
  • Flat or single-ply roofers: Flat or single-ply roofers are those roofers who focus on roofs that have foam of single-ply.
  • Hot roofers: Hot roofers are those roofers who work with the help of tar-based products.

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Roofers typically do the following duties that are given below:

  • Identify the roofing problem to determine the best way to repair them.
  • Replace damaged or rotting joists or plywood.
  • Measure the roof to calculate the required quantity of material and install ventilation systems.
  • Install layers of insulation or vapour barriers and cut roofing materials to fit around walls or vents.
  • Align the materials of roofing with the edges of the roof.

 Common problems

The common problems related to roofing are given below:

  • Roof leaks: This type of problem arises near the chimney; under damaged shingles; at flashing points; at skylights; close to pipes and vents and various others.
  • Pooled water: It can cause a problem when water begins to pool from little ponds on top of the roof.
  • Punctures and holes: When this problem occurs, then it underlies wood or exposing it to rot which causes moisture.
  • Shrinkage: When this problem arises, then it can lead to a host of other difficulties like cracking, deterioration and various others.
  • Cracking and blistering: This is also one of the most common roof problems. Built-up roof is made of several layers covering a flat surface and are particularly susceptible to blistering and cracking.
  • Poor installation: If your roof is installed poorly, then it can damage your whole house by leaking or all other problems that are discussed above.

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How it works?

In finding good roofers in London for shed roof repair, various problems can arise. So, to solve all your problems, we are here with an online platform named “Bag a Builder”. It is a platform that helps you in finding the perfect roofers for you.

  • First of all, you have to post a job for finding a perfect one. When you post a job, sign up for free.
  • Further, we provide you a list of all roofers in London among which, you can select anyone considering your requirements.
  • After checking, you can take a quotation from them and can contact them. You can ask any type of query you want and even can compare them with others.

We will provide you the list of certified tradesmen but still, you can choose the best among them.

Our services

Bag a Builder has now become the most trusted platform that provides you the tradesmen having a great experience. At Bag a Builder, a number of tradesmen registered themselves including the plasterer, plumber, bathroom fitter, electrician, builders, and various others.


It would be difficult for you to find a skilled roofer for felt roof repair, tile roof repair, shed roof repair that fits in your budget. With Bag a Builder, finding a roofer in your budget becomes an easy task by simply posting a job on our website. We provide you the list of roofers, among which you can compare the cost of them by browsing their information.

Bag a Builder helps you in getting a certified and trained roofer at the competitive prices.

Choosing a specialist

Before choosing a roofer, you must ensure that the tradesmen must be a specialist in his field. If you want to choose a roofer, then it is very obvious that you will choose the person who has years of experience in the relevant field and contain the CSCS card. The delegate holding the CSCS card means that he has all the required skills that are needed to work in the field of construction. So before hiring, make sure that the person having all the qualifications.

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