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Tiler in leeds

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A tiler is a person who is used to place the tiles that are a manufactured piece of hard-wearing materials like baked clay, glass, and metal, ceramic, stone, and various others. Usually, the tile is rectangular and square in shape. These tiles are generally used for floors, walls, covering the ceiling roofs and various other objects such as table tops. For the placing of the tile, we all need to find a tiler in Leeds that becomes a very difficult task. Before hiring these tradesmen, we all need to ensure that the person we are hiring has all the certificates and rich experience in this field. Go for an online platform such as Bag a Builder to find local tiler.

About Tilers in Leeds:

A tiller is a trade which is used to cover the surface with the tiles. We all can find a solution for the problem of placing a tile but the tiler can do this in a better way because he or she is professionally trained in this field of construction. There are numerous things in which placing a tile becomes very common. Some of them are restoring mosaics to their former glory, swimming pools, bathrooms, outdoor tiles in gardens and various others. 

The job of a tiler involves various steps that are given below:

  • Planning: It is the first step of this job that involves defining the preparatory work; inspecting the area to be tiled and estimating the total cost.
  • Execution: It is the second step of this job. In this step, the cement, grout, old tiles, and adhesive are removed, which then applied using a sponge float and a notched trowel and after this, the tiles are laid which then needs to be finished.

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The main duties of a tiler are given below:

  • Inspecting the surface that needs to be tiled.
  • Providing quotes and estimates such as a number of tiles and quantity of materials needed, costs and installation time.
  • Surface preparation work
  • Laying tiles in accordance with cutting tiles, and tiling plan.
  • Grouting the gaps present between the tiles
  • Carrying out the finishing work.

Common problems

For a tiler, given below a checklist for the most common problems that can be done while laying the floor tiles:

Tiling or timbering: The floor should be strengthened to reduce movement when laying tiles on a suspended timber floor because it will stop getting the crack in tiles.

Tilling in wet areas: Do not perform the job of tiler where the area is wet because it damages the tile after some time because wet areas contain moisturizer in it.

Consider the surface resistance of tile.

Tiling at joints in slab because the slab will require joints to follow the single line as the joints below. If it is not done, then the tiles will crack at these points.

Lack of joints in the tiled area is the major problem because the expansion of joints is necessary for tiled floors to avoid the cracks.

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Bag a Builder has now become the most trusted online platform. Achieving this position, we feel regarded towards homeowners, because of their support for the services provided by us and also thanks to our traders. If the work done by the craftsman does not satisfy you, then the whole experience can spoil your mood and will show a negative impact on your reputation. We connect you to the various service providers such as plasterer, plumber, electrician, local tiler, bathroom fitter, builders, carpet repairs, car repairs, and various others.

How it works?

With the help of Bag a Builder, you can search for a craftsman easily because it is a platform that helps you in finding the skilled trade person for your needs. In its working, the first step is to post a job on our website like finding Tiler in Leeds. After posting a job, you can choose a tradesman as per your requirement.

You can contact a local tiler in Leeds and can ask any kind of query related to your work. You can also ask about the charges taken by the individual before starting with your work. The tiler can work any type of job effectively and efficiently.


Finding a tiler in Leeds who is skilled in his work at the competitive prices in the market is a difficult task but it can be done easily with the help of Bag a Builder. Tradesmen registered at Bag a Builder are most trusted and certified tradesmen who can work for you at cheap and affordable prices. You can easily get tiler at low prices which could fit in your budget. Your efforts for searching an affordable and skilled tiler near your area have been reduced by Bag a Builder.

Choosing a specialist:

Your walls define your personality and indicate your status. Therefore, it is important to have walls that look shiner and attractive. Before hiring one must confirm the competency of the tiler in his work. Moreover, you should also have the information that whether he is having any qualifications or certifications like CSCS card or not. These qualifications demonstrate that the tiler is skilled and proficient in his work. The individual must be chosen wisely so that he or she can provide the best results in a short interval of time. A professional tiler can perform a better laying of tiles along with taking care of your budget requirement.

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